Spring Newsletter 2014

Vision Academy of the Arts

Fall/Winter 2015

Concerts, Special Performances & Participation

Fall 2015 Chamber Singers, Chamber Maids & Youth Choir Concert

October 24 7:00pm

October 25 2:30pm

New Community United Methodist Church

49223 Road 426, Oakhurst, CA 93644

For more information, call Jackie Byers 559-683-7071

Senior Center

Senior Center

Friday, October 31st 4:00pm

Tree Lighting Concerts

Tenaya Lodge

Friday, November 28th 4:30pm - 10:00pm

Oakhurst Tree Lighting

Talking Bear, Oakhurst

Saturday, December 5th 5:00pm

Mountain Area Christmas Cantata

Sierra Vista Presbyterian, Oakhurst

Saturday, December 13th 2:00pm & 6:00pm

Flyers are available at Oakhurst Library and at all mountain area schools

Call Jackie: 559-683-7071 for more information

"Showcase of Talent"

This year Vision Academy of the Arts is going to do a “Showcase of Talent” in the Spring instead of doing “Grand Nite for the Arts.”

Vision Academy of the Arts (VAA), invites any student in our area high schools in their Junior or Senior year who will be applying for scholarships, either this year or next year. Students in music (Choir and/or Band), art, drama, dance, writing or culinary arts to Showcase their talent. Bring your parents, relatives and friends!

Graduates and past recipients of Scholarships will also be performing and giving testimonials on their current progress in College and how they were able to use funds from our scholarship program to help them on their way.

We will be serving Indian Tacos, having live/silent auctions and a donation basket that will give 100% of funds raised to our Senior Scholarship Fund for 2016 and beyond.

So, Juniors and Seniors, parents, relatives and friends, we want to meet you and offer you this chance to Showcase your Talents. This also gives you a chance to meet our professionals in each of the Art Categories and some of the Judges for the scholarship program. Come, share your talent and stories with us. It is why we all work hard to keep the Arts in our young people’s lives.

At a later date, you will be asked to meet with a professional in your chosen field to go over your portfolio and audition ideas. So this is an excellent first opportunity to share your dreams and ambitions with the folks that will be choosing scholarship recipients this year.

"Star Award Winners at Five Mountain Area

8th Grade Graduations"

Parents, thank you for sharing your kids and their incredible energy and talent with us. We hope to see all eligible students again next Summer!

MOUNTAIN AREA HOME SCHOOL, May 28th — Lauren Lapham — Music; Eben Hammond — Drama. RIVERGOLD, June 3rd — Christian Blomgren — Music; Zachary Ward — Art; Samantha Clay — Art; Jordan Tuttle — Drama; Sydney Meyer — Dance; Breanna Saenz — Writing. COARSEGOLD ELEMENTARY, June 4th — Erin McCully — Music; Alicia Caywood — Art; Logan Smith — Drama; Monique Ades — Dance; Emily Noroka — Writing. OAK CREEK INTERMEDIATE, June 8th — Linnea Leineau — Music; Tyler Morgan — Art; Jeromeluigi Garcellano — Drama; Hannah Myatt — Dance; Claire Weigel — Writing. WASUMA ELEMENTARY, June 9th — Dalton Smith — Music; Cedar Dobson — Art; Amber Persson — Drama/Writing; Emma Elliot — Dance.

A special Thank You to the GREAT Sierra Chamber Singers, ChamberMaids, Youth Choirs, Special Guest performers for their tireless work in joining in the effort to raise money for the Mountain Area Star awards at their various concerts throughout the year. This last year we were able to raise $774 to put toward these beautiful Star Awards. Kids keep them and are able to be inspired in their continued involvement in the Arts. Great Job!

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This Year's 8th Grade Standouts who received "Star Awards"
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