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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, summer camps for 2020 have been cancelled.

We are hard at work, re-imagining our camp schedule which may include offering half-day camps during the upcoming semester or quarter breaks.

We'll keep you posted on our efforts to make these camps a reality.

Stay safe and keep a song in your heart and a dance in your step!  We'll see you soon.

Our Leading Team of Professional Instructors

This year we are excited to have some great new instructors joining our veterans.  Vision Summer Fine Arts Camp programs not only provide the young students with wonderful learning experiences, but also give opportunities to young people who've graduated from college a chance to become teachers in their various fields of study.  This will be our "mentoring program" for future generations to carry our tradition of offering fine arts programs throughout the mountain area.

Jackie Byers

Jackie is a retiree from the Bass lake School District music department for grades K-8.  She brings over 40 years of experience with music, drama and kids to our program.  Jackie has also been the President of Academy of the Arts for 16 years and has helped raise over $220,000 for student scholarships who have decided to move on in their passion for the Arts Programs.

Monika Moulin

Monika is known across the Mountain Community as an ardent supporter of all the creative arts and is an accomplished writer and communicator.  As a member of the Yosemite Unified School District Board, she believes students learning to respect, love and use the English language correctly with imagination and flair, is a skill that will serve them well in whatever path their futures may take them.  This year, Monika will also be working with Jackie Byers in the Musical Theater programs.  We look forward to some amazing results from this great Musical Theater duo!

Kirk Moulin

Kirk will once again be providing the guitar instruction for our camps.  He has been a professional musician for over 30  years.  Kirk performs around the Mountain Area professionally and is a favorite of the camp-goers every year. Students will need to bring their own guitar and/or ukulele.

Dominic Gonzales

Dominic Gonzales will be joining us this year as a recent graduate of LaVerne University where he received his BA in English Literature, so he’ll be working closely with Monika Moulin to teach in the writing classes.  Because he is also proficient in the Guitar, both acoustic and electric, he will be assisting Kirk Moulin with the Music Program.  Dominic loves teaching and was a tutor hired by the University to help other students and will be attending Fresno State University in the Fall. In his spare time he coaches Jr. High and High School Baseball.

Jamie Hellwig

Jamie Hellwig is a graduate of Yosemite High School and is currently  a student at Cal State University Long Beach where she plans on obtaining a degree in music education and bassoon performance so she can be a future music educator. Jamie enjoys teaching children the joy of music at Vision Academy of the Arts and has been with us since 2008 when she was a camper and later volunteer.  This is her third year teaching with us.

Rita Adams

Rita has been an art Instructor for students throughout the mountain area for over 20 years, which includes a few years at Oak Creek Intermediate school.  She has studied with Jane Gyer, Joan Brumley, Jerome Grimmer and Diane Bopp.  Rita is an experienced participant in the Vision Summer Fine Arts program for many years and we are excited to have her back this Summer.

Elseana Skowronski

Elseana has studied Dance for 10 years and was a past recipient of a Vision Academy of the Arts Dance Scholarship.  She has performed in the Valley Performing Arts Council's production of The Nutcracker with the Sacramento Ballet for five years.  She currently teaches dance at the Yosemite Dance Company.

High School & College Student Aids

Each year many past participants of the Summer Fine Arts Camps, now in High School and College where they are continuing to excel in the arts, join our expert faculty to help make camp a positive experience by bringing their own energy to the program.

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